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25 year's experience

Founded in 1985 by Eric Redford and Dave House, Métaform-Langues, a private language training centre for corporate clients has spread new wings...

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Metaform-Langues has 300m² of modern premises with parking facilities, located in la Pardieu, Clermont-Fd, comprising:
6 training rooms with several offices
a team of over 30 trainers,
   interpreters and translators
   working for your success:
   English, German, Spanish, Italian…
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l'equipe metaform metaform langues, formation, interpretariat, traduction.

Droit indivduel à la formation

Droit indivduel à la formation

  Our staff retreat 2008 ...

In July 2008 we met up at the 4-star bed and breakfast of la Treille, belonging to our friends Stephan and Nicole in Davayat (where we hold our Residentials in French).
The morning was devoted to a presentation of the encouraging results of our financial year closed on April 30th 2008; our turnover has risen by 40 % over the past 2 years. In the afternoon we divided up into two teams to search for the treasure of the castle of Chazeron.

  toto ...
  Nouveaux Formateurs ...

Jean-pierre Arnaud Japa Com.

"Metaform meets the three criteria we look for in a service company: - a high level of expertise, extensive creativity and quality in its production"

telephone classes

English Audit
 English Audit
On-line testing in French and English for your staff, with training monitoring and decision-making tools.

Téléphone Meetings
An interface for reserving and following telephone training courses.

Online Fitness
 Online Fitness
Economic e-learning solution in French and English specially suited for those with little time.

Our national and Euorpean network, with standardized language training quality at over 30 locations, and one-stop extranet monitoring.

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